Showroom Remodel

Just like your home, sometimes our showrooms need to be updated too!

It's not just homes that sometimes need flooring updates. In order to provide you with the best experience when shopping for new flooring, we want to make sure we put our best floor forward for everyone to see. Take a look through our gallery and get inspired by new patterns and trending colors in tile flooring.

We accented this tile layout with a mosaic border that complements the colors that are found in the tile.

This bold yet subtle look can accent any large room by complementing it space, but also making the atmosphere feel more intimate for gatherings.

Natural earth tones in tile are great for kitchens because the darker colors can hide spills and messes that are hard to clean right away. 

You can also use natural earth tones in mud and laundry rooms. The stacked looks visually breaks up the tiles and creates a pattern.


We jazzed up this traditional marble tile look by breaking it up with tile strips to make it more focal and as a statement piece to your kitchen or bath.

The boarder around the larger pieces breaks up the floor and gives it a feeling of depth. 

Wood look is a very popular trend currently in the market. You get the same natural beauty as hardwood, but the durability and easy clean up of tile! 

Now you can have wood look floors anywhere in your home without the worry of having to take care of hardwood.

Stop by our showroom in Vero Beach, FL at 1137 Old Dixie Highway and check out our store wide remodel!

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