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Living room with hardwood flooring and fireplace

Hardwood Flooring in Vero Beach, FL


What’s the Difference Between Solid vs Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

While the species, stain, and finish are all critical factors, the most significant decision you must make when choosing hardwood is engineered vs. solid hardwood.


Both types of hardwood have great features and benefits, but one may be better suited for your home than the other.


  • Solid hardwood – features a uniform construction and has a classic look that adds value to your home. Made from a single piece of natural, solid wood, it can be refinished multiple times. Because of this, buying hardwood floors is a long-term investment but ultimately adds property value! Solid hardwood flooring is naturally susceptible to moisture and warping.


  • Engineered hardwood – features a modern, layered construction of composite wood and a top layer of natural solid hardwood. This construction makes engineered hardwood more stable and resistant to the natural tendency of wood to react to changes in weather and humidity.


Does Humidity Affect Hardwood Flooring?

Yes, humidity is a huge factor in choosing hardwood flooring since it can affect how long your floors last and their overall performance.


Wood is naturally moisture-prone and can warp and expand in high and low humidity. Ideally, you want the room's relative humidity you plan to install hardwood around 40% to 60% at all times. This way, it doesn’t shrink or splinter if it’s too dry or expands and buckles when there’s too much moisture.


Living in Florida can pose quite a challenge. If you have a climate-controlled home, you should be all set, but if not, you may want to consider engineered hardwood flooring. It looks like solid hardwood, but its construction makes it more durable and stable, so it will not warp, buckle, or contract due to humidity.


Having a humid space can cause many types of damage to your floors if left unchecked, including: 


  • Expanding
  • Contracting
  • Buckling
  • Warping
  • Shrinkage
  • Splintering


Where Can Hardwood Flooring Be Installed?

Even though hardwood features natural durability, it does have its limitations.


For example, solid hardwood suits on- and above-ground areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Engineered hardwood flooring has a little more wiggle room and can be installed in kitchens, hallways, and basements.


So long as you care for your hardwood floors and do not continuously beat on them, they will last a long time in your home. Be sure to avoid installing hardwood in places with a lot of heat and moisture, like bathrooms and laundry rooms.


Where Can I Find the Best Hardwood Flooring Near Me?

At Creative Floors Carpet One Floor & Home, you can find an incredible selection of hardwood flooring in Vero Beach, FL. We offer a top choice of premium hardwood brands


As part of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, we offer you the quality experience of shopping locally by selecting a national company. Be sure to visit our showroom to see our entire hardwood flooring collection, or feel free to start shopping our selection of hardwood flooring online now.

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